• Bienvenue à l’école primaire Edward MurphyEdward Murphy School encourages the development of intellectual, social, moral, cultural and physical growth of our students in order for our students to be literate, life-long learners.
  • French ProgramsEdward Murphy provides two different levels of French programs for our students.
  • Heart of the City Piano ProgramEdward Murphy School is privileged to be involved with the Heart of the City Piano Program. Students receive weekly 30-minute private lessons with McGill volunteer teachers during lunch hour or after school. Learn more at heartofthecity.ca.
  • Technology getting a boost from the school communityOur Chocolate fundraiser has enabled the Edward Murphy School to complete its portable computer lab. Congratulations to everyone for a job well done!
  • Bienvenue à l’école primaire Edward Murphy
  • Bienvenue à l’école primaire Edward Murphy

Important Dates

TBD Music Concert
2 NO SCHOOL - Holiday
5 NO SCHOOL - Holiday
20 Speaking & Writing

21 **Moveable Ped. Day (daycare is open)
24 NO SCHOOL- Holiday
TBD Defi Pierre Lavoie
TBD Halo Race

21 Fun Day
TBD Kinderfest
TBD Grade 6 Graduation
23 Last day for all students/End of Term 3

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CEMH will be hosting this final Parenting in the Pandemic webinar on April 27, 2021 from 7pm-8pm

Fostering Resilience & Supporting Our Kids During Challenging Times

From the outset, the COVID-19 Pandemic has had a tremendous impact on all aspects of our lives. Faced with the important challenges brought on by the pandemic, we have been required to adjust and adapt in all aspects of our lives. The impact that this has had on our children and our families has been particularly challenging. This webinar will focus on the concrete ways that strengthening our relationships with our children can build resilience and hope as well as specific strategies to help our children (and ourselves) cope with the many changes we have been facing.
Register: https://www.learnquebec.ca/workshops-and-information-sessions
Questions to Dannielle Dyson: ddyson@learnquebec.ca

Professional’s Strike Day

By: EMSB Communication

All elementary and secondary schools will be closed on May 19, 2021. Classes are cancelled for the day.

EMSB Online Resources & Educational Websites

Visit the EMSB's educational resources section for educational and mental health support links for families. Links and activities for elementary and high school students are available.

Click here to visit the EMSB Education website

The provincial Government also has a new educational website called Open School where you can find more educational activities for your children.

Click here to visit MEES Open School

A reminder to assess your health or your child's health each morning

Public Health authorities ask that you assess your health each morning. This on-line tool will help you determine if you can report to school/work or should stay home and seek further assessment for COVID-19.

Assessment Tool for Adults & Staff

Assessment Tool for Children

Important COVID-19 related information for our parents/guardians

For more information on COVID-19 FAQ's please visit EMSB website

Instructions for People Who Have Been in Contact with a Confirmed Case of COVID-19

Tool for the Family - Testing and Preventive isolation

Can a student attend school in the following situations?

Fact Sheet (PDF) on Wearing Face Coverings in Various Contexts