About Edward Murphy

Edward Murphy School, located in the southeastern section of Montreal, is renowned for its innovative learning environment. Our school focuses on a child-centered approach to education and develops each student's moral values, respect for others, and sense of accountability.

Our Mission

The primary mission of Edward Murphy School is to encourage the development of the intellectual, social, moral, cultural and physical growth of our students, in order for our students to be literate, life long learners.

This mission is fulfilled with the commitment of all partners of the Edward Murphy school community by:

  • sustaining an inclusive, caring, safe and harmonious environment,
  • promoting creativity,
  • supporting individuality,
  • fostering a positive learning environment,
  • reflecting good citizenship,
  • adopting a healthy lifestyle,
  • and respecting the environment.

Our areas of focus are:

  • Building all literacy competencies
  • Development of social skills
  • Increase family and community involvement.
  • Preparing our staff

Our School Portrait

Edward Murphy School is part of the English Montreal School Board, situated in Mercier-Ouest which is a French working class sector of South-East Montreal adjacent to Anjou, St. Leonard and Tetreaultville.

Our school population brings with them a richness of culture and a diversity that reflects the modern face of Canada. We are an inclusive school and consider our students with special needs as an enriching component of the Edward Murphy experience.

Edward Murphy has an English Core Program and a French Immersion Program from K-6. We have a junior and senior Speech and Language Development Class and a junior ASD class for students with autism.

A Successful Home/School Partnership

Parents and teachers work cooperatively in order for the children to learn that consequences for their behaviour are a result of choices in behaviour.  Parents must be aware of their child's actions in school so that they will be part of the shared education socialization process.

Parents are involved in the school's Governing Board and the Parent Participation Organization (PPO). They also volunteer in the library & office, help organize activities and family events, as well as, various school fundraisers.

EMS Philosophy

Edward Murphy School is committed to helping our students achieve academic success as well as to become responsible citizens in society.

EMS Virtual Tour

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School Facilities

Edward Murphy School located on a quiet residential street and is equipped with safe, modern facilities and a large playground.

  • Modern building with large sunny windows
  • Newly renovated school yard and jungle gym
  • Large indoor gymnasium
  • School library
  • Portable computer lab and iPad lab

Auxilliary Services

Provided by Edward Murphy for its students
and staff:

Caretaking (Janitorial)

  • Day Caretaker
  • Night Caretaker

Computer Technicians

  • ITS Field Services Technician
  • ICT (Computer Lab Technician)