Student Houses

The House System helps to build a spirit of belonging. The student population is divided into 5 Houses. The Houses are called Dr. Seuss (blue), Hobbit (green), Idefix (purple), Petit Prince (yellow), and Potter (red). Each house is made up of students from all grade levels (k-6). Each House is headed by a team of teachers and a pair of student representatives. Students accumulate positive points for their House by exhibiting good citizenship, responsibility, team spirit, and commendable effort. 

House Committee

A house committee, made up of staff members, is formed at the beginning of the school year to plan and organize events and activities that will take place throughout the year.

Goals of the House System

The goals of the house system are:

  • To encourage positive behavior, by awarding tokens to students who best demonstrate the virtue of the month and/or random acts of kindness.
  • To foster a sense of community and belonging by intergrading students from k-6, along with designated teachers in each house. 
  • To develop a buddy system, by having students in each house look out for each other, not only during house activities but throughout the course of the school day.
  • To promote leadership skills through team building activities.
  • To promote school spirit.
  • To provide each student with a chance to feel success.

Dr. Seuss House

House Song

Ole ole ole ole
Dr Seuss Seuss Seuss
Blue is our color it's like no other 
Dr Seuss Seuss Seuss 
We are the champions we work together 
Dr Seuss Seuss Seuss! 

Hobbit House

House Song

Hobbit is our house name x2
And we have a lot of game x2
We walk around wearing green x2
Just so that we can be seen x2
We are the greatest that's for sure x2
Because our teachers are super x2
Who let the Hobbits out?
(who who who who) x2

Idefix House

House Song

(to the tune of “I love Rock and Roll”)

We love Idefix
We really know how to click

We love Idefix
Any goal will be done quick

We love Idefix
Girls and boys who are a good mix

We love IDEFIX!

So come and see
How great we can be!

Petit Prince House

House Song

Petit Prince, ohé, Petit Prince
On joue ohé, Petit Prince
On gagne ohé, Petit Prince
We’re great ohé, Petit Prince
Go Petit Prince Go!

Potter House

House Song

(to the tune of "Live While We're Young"  by One Direction)

We are the House of Potter, House of Potter
We like to help each other out
We love to work together, work together
That's what this house is all about

Ya, we'll be having so much fun
Making sure the job gets done
One for all and all for one
Ya, everyday is something new
Earning points for all our crew
We're just doing what we do

We are ready, ready, ready
For what lies ahead
We never fear a challenge
We step up instead
We all are very different
That's what makes it fun
This year let's show what
We can do while we're young