Edward Murphy Parent Participation Organization

Part of school life comes from involvement and dedication of our parent volunteers. Parent ParticipationOrganization (P.P.O.) gives the opportunity to all parents to be involved in their child’s daily school activities in collaboration with the school. In order for events to occur, the PPO depends on parent volunteers to help with activities such as book fairs, bake sales, community events and many more.

About the PPO

Edward Murphy's Parent Participation Organization works together with the principal, teachers and Governing Board to enhance the quality of life of our school community.

As a member of our PPO, you benefit from participating in various school activities and committees that support our school and support your child’s education and social development.

We welcome all parents as members of the PPO and encourage your active participation, in whatever way you are able to give it. It may be through helping out at school or making phone calls in evening hours, supplying us with people we can contact for various reasons, or just sharing your ideas. Being involved in your child’s school is a rewarding and positive experience.

In September, the PPO welcomes all parents to join the team so that we can make a difference together. Parents are invited to the monthly meetings as well.

2016-2017 P.P.O. Members

Sandra Tartamela (Chairperson)
Flora Bufo
Renée Deschamps
Ana Dias
Samantha Dudok
Nay Ir
Veronique Lecours
Kim Morris
Pina Prata
Lucia Reali
Laura Saragosa
Nancy Schiano
Jessica Thomson
Rinku Varde

PPO Meetings

Meetings take place somewhere in the building at a certain time:

  • Meeting Date (Meeting Time)
  • Meeting Date (Meeting Time)
  • Meeting Date (Meeting Time)
  • Meeting Date (Meeting Time)
  • Meeting Date (Meeting Time)

Meeting Agendas

Meeting Minutes