Extra-Curricular Programs and Events

At Edward Murphy we are proud of the fact that our children do much more than simply attend classes, they learn by participating in the community and so much more.


Speaking and Writing

Every 6 weeks, students in each of our classes are selected to present in front of their peers and parents, an original piece of writing.  It is an occasion that allows our diverse students to shine and showcase their writing talent and develop their oratory skills.  It is an activity that develops confidence in our students and we are very proud of their work.

P.E.L.O. Program (Italian)

    The Programme d'enseignement des langues d'origine (PELO), is a special project totally financed by the government. The purpose of the program is to allow each child to broaden and better appreciate his/her language and culture of origin. In our case, due to the overwhelming number of pupils who are of Italian origin, the language taught is Italian.

    The program is nevertheless open to all pupils in the school and at all cycles. Many pupils who are not of Italian origin avail themselves of the opportunity to learn a new language and better appreciate the culture of their friends, and as such, register for the program.

    At present, the course is integrated into the pupil’s regular timetable for a total of 90 minutes per week.

Homework Assistance

As part of the daycare program, students have access to a homework and tutoring program ye ar long. All parents have the option to register their children for the daycare program at a cost of $35.00 per week.

For selected non-daycare students, a similar program is being offered on Mondays and Thursdays. A letter will be sent home if your child has been selected for this pilot project. Acceptance is conditional on parents being able to pick up their child at 3:30 from the school.

Math Club

Art, Music and Drama

Heart of the City Piano Program

Edward Murphy School is privileged to be involved with the Heart of the City Piano Program. Participating students are selected by school staff based on need and enthusiasm. Students receive weekly 30 minute private lessons with McGill volunteer teachers during lunch hour or after school. At the end of each session a recital takes place at the McGill Strathcona Music Building.



art Club


hip hop dance classes

Music Club

Physical Education and Health

G.M.A.A Sports Participation

Specialized Winter Activities

Social and Cultural

Newspaper Club

peer mediation

social media awareness

Student Council

UnitÉ sans violence

Edward Murphy School in partnership with the Montreal Police Department encourages students in grades 4, 5 and 6 to make a commitment to reject violence and express themselves through the "Unité sans violence" (Non-Violence Squad) program.

The members of the Unité sans violence are ambassadors for non-violence in their schools, and they make a commitment to meet with other students to talk about the program. They wear special t-shirts and hand out reward vouchers to students whose behaviour promotes peace. Each voucher shows the name of the person whose behaviour is being rewarded, a summary of their actions, and the name of the Non-Violence Squad member who issued the voucher. 

School-Wide Events

  • Bazaar
  • Breakfast with Santa
  • Music Concert
  • Science Fair
  • Terry Fox Walk
  • Variety Show
  • Walk to School and Bike Safety
  • Winter Carnival

Literacy Activities

  • Annual book fairs
  • Daily Five
  • Daily Play
  • Mini Treasures
  • My Voice in the World
  • Speaking and Writing
  • Storytelling Competition
  • Sound Prints
  • Visiting authors and storytellers

Family Activities

  • Family Day
  • Family Halloween Activity Evening
  • I Read to you, You Read to Me
  • Kinderfest
  • Spend the Day with Your Child

Field Trips

  • Biodome
  • Montreal Science Centre / IMAX
  • Classe Blanche (Winter Sports Camp)